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Best Surf Spots

Windansea Beach - 6800 Neptune Pl.

Known for it's surf breaks created by underwater reef as well as the historical Windansea Shack, this is the ultimate surf spot for locals and visitors.

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La Jolla Shores - 1100 Coast Blvd.

One of the most popular surf spots for surfers of all levels, La Jolla Shores provides mostly reliable predictable waves. You can view the latest surf report.

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Law Street - 671 Ocean Blvd.

Dubbed a decent beginners spot for surfing, Law Street is a rad spot to check out that's about a 5 minute walk from the Pacific Terrace. Pro tip: get there very early or very late at night and preferably during the week for the best conditions and less of a crowd.

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Pacific Beach - 4343 Ocean Blvd. 

Located on the other side of Crystal Pier, this specific Pacific Beach surf spot it perfect for locals or any traveling surfer - featuring a variety of breaks and a very eclectic climate.

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South Mission Beach - North Jetty Rd.

Optimal in the summertime as the surf is pretty consistent, South Mission Beach is a great spot to ride the waves - expect a bit of a crowd and watch out for the rocks.

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