Yoga on the Beach in San Diego

Yoga on the Beach in San Diego

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Find Your Way to Namaste

The trademark calm of California provides the perfect landscape for keeping fit. All of our organic-food-sourcing, smoothie-sipping ways go hand in hand with welcoming a spiritual side into our daily routines, and so it’s no surprise that yoga reigns supreme in San Diego. From basic beginners classes in Bird Rock to sunset-lit, clifftop crow poses, yoga in San Diego runs the gamut, offering ample opportunities for a challenge as well as a sense of calm. Yoga on the beach, though, is where it’s really at: Check out some of the studios best known for classes on the sands.

Hit the Sands (in Downward Dog)

Located just steps north of the Pacific Terrace Hotel, Ocean View Yoga Pacific Beach offers donation based classes every Monday at 10:30 am in Palisades Park.

Led by a group of skilled practitioners, San Diego’s donation-based Beach Yoga features a daily class in Mission Beach at 11 AM, another at Imperial Beach on Fridays at 2:30 PM, and yet another on the Sunset Cliffs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 AM. Perfect for late risers, it’s the ideal way to to wake up and feel the burn before heading off to a day of leisure.

Not to be confused with the above, San Diego Beach Yoga just launched a sunset class at Crown Point. Starting at 6 PM, under the mellow instruction of John Beck, the session concludes with “a fire finish,” a note of excitement to follow that closing “ohm.”

Held in one of the city’s most scenic locations, Bird Rock Yoga offers the creme de la creme of San Diego yoga classes: Sunset Yoga at Law Street is a vinyasa flow soundtracked by the gentle crash of ocean waves. No registration is required beforehand, so all you have to do is show up with your mat (or beach towel). All donations support local charities.

Namasteve Yoga is great when you’re strapped for time. Billed as “Oceanfront Yoga at Home,” Steve’s series of rigorous yoga videos is available for Monthly Membership, a 2-Week Free Trial, or a 1-Year Membership. If you can’t make it to an IRL session, but are still craving a quick practice, we can vouch for the validity of a Namasteve class.

Vinyasa, hatha or bikram: Whatever your preferred practice, you’ll find it here, but the beach is your best bet for serenity. With our rooms adjacent to the beach, just step outside and your studio time is on.