Surf’s Up this Holiday Season in San Diego

Undeniably, San Diego is one of the top surfing spots around. With a coastline sprawling over 70 miles and year-round sunny weather, it’s no wonder why our surf culture is so prevalent amongst locals and visitors alike. If you’ve always wanted to hang ten but weren’t sure where to start, our friends at San Diego Surf School are more than happy to help out. We sat down with our Pacific Beach neighbors to learn more about boarding as a beginner, where to catch the best waves in town, upcoming specials for the holiday season, and more!

Q: What would you say to someone interested in learning how to surf, but is hesitant to start?

A: Anyone who has even the slightest inclination to surf should come see us. We have extremely knowledgeable and friendly instructors who can answer any questions and ease any worries clients have. Surfing is an experience we love to share with everyone and show them that no one is too young or old to learn.

Q: What are the top three tips you’d give to a beginner?

A: The top three tips would be to be open first and foremost, you have to be willing to try something new. Second, have fun! It’s just surfing after all and it is supposed to be fun. Lastly, the main physical element to surfing is balance, so staying centered and upright is key. 

Q: What makes a good surfer?

A: Patience, balance, and persistence are the most important elements of a good surfer. 

Q: What can someone expect for their first surf lesson?

A: A first lesson will be informative, fun, and definitely one where you catch your first wave. The most difficult part of the entire ordeal is putting on the wetsuit. 

Kids lying on surfing board at San Diego Surf School

Q: Who or what inspired you to start surfing?

A: We all have different stories on how we got our start here, everything from the family activity to stress relief or just having a nice time with friends and family without our phones. You can check out our in depth YouTube series called “10 Essentials” to learn more about our instructors’ stories.

Q: What is the best season for surfing in San Diego?

A: The winter provides the best swell, but the water is cold though less crowded. The summer has warmer water and weather but a smaller swell that is absolutely suitable for learning here in Pacific Beach. 

Q: Where are some of the best spots to surf in San Diego?

A: Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Bird Rock, and Cardiff are our favorites. 

Q: What makes Pacific Beach a good surfing spot?

A: A steady small-sized swell that breaks near the beach in shallow water makes it extremely desirable for learning.  

Q: What specials do you offer Pacific Terrace guests?

A: We offer 10% off for Pacific Terrace guests with code “hang10” at checkout on all lesson types, rentals, camps, and adult surf retreats.

*Insider tip from hotel: We also have a room package at our hotel that includes accommodations and surf lessons from San Diego Surf School with your stay! Learn more at the end of this blog.*

Q: Do you have any new specials, news, or anything in the works for 2022 you’d like to share?

A: This month we will be having 20%-off gift cards (no code needed, discount already applied). Purchase available online or over the phone. Gift cards valid at both our Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach locations. Offer ends December 25. Beginning December 26, we will have 15% off all lessons and adult surf retreats (can be booked for any time) valid only at our Pacific Beach location. 

San Diego Surf School offers a wide variety of surf lessons, camps, and retreats — all guided by their expert instructors. As the beaches become less crowded and the swells are the best of the year, winter is the ideal time to give surfing a try! Looking for the perfect present to give your adventurous buddy or even yourself? Surf lessons may be just what you’ve been searching for this holiday season.

Ready to hit the waves? Pack your swimsuit and book our Surf’s Up! Package for the ultimate Pacific Terrace getaway. Available year-round, this package features beachfront accommodations for two, a 90-minute group surf class for two (including wet suit and surfboard) at San Diego Surf School, and two Pacific Terrace key holders. 

You’ll be living that laidback SoCal surfer lifestyle of “Sleep, Eat, Surf, Repeat”, in no time.