Our Staff Shares Their New Year’s Gratitude

Thanksgiving may be the holiday most closely associated with gratitude — but here at Pacific Terrace, we believe in giving thanks all year long, and especially when the year is coming to a close. Since New Year’s Eve is just weeks away, we’ve reached out to staff members and asked for them to share some things they’re grateful for. Below, we share their responses.

Kira, Special Amenities

For our staff member Kira, from Special Amenities, it’s her job and the “wonderful, charismatic” co-workers, who “feel like family,” that she’s most grateful for. She tells us, “I am grateful to work at Pacific Terrace” and “lucky that I get to make a contribution each day.”

Ryan Bell, Captain

Captain Ryan Bell’s answer focuses on destinations, specifically San Diego. He is also grateful to have “the ability to travel and explore new places” around the world.

Lili, Assistant Manager of House Keeping

Lili, our Assistant Housekeeping staff member, expresses gratitude for her own health and that of her daughter, who has recently recovered from illness — as well as her “wonderful and loving” family in general.

Carly, Front Office Supervisor

Our Front Office Supervisor Carly echoes Ryan and Lili in expressing gratitude to have nearby friends and family and a San Diego home near the beach.

Martin, Engineering Supervisor

Martin, like Carly, loves being near the beach. Having recently moved from Los Angeles, he’s grateful “each day to walk outside and see the ocean,” and enjoy the city’s “wonderful environment.”