The Best San Diego Dishes of 2019

San Diego has almost too many amazing dishes to count, from Mexican delicacies such as rolled tacos and burritos to heaping plates of pad see ew and Thai-style papaya salad to Russian-Georgian chakapuli, pizza, xiao long bao … In an effort to help you narrow down the abundant choices, we’ve picked out some of our favorites, specifically from the newest and most popular restaurants of 2019.

Fisherman Stew at Candor

Like an unexpected twist on pasta alla frutti di mare, Candor’s fishermen stew brings together salmon, mussels, clams, lobster, shrimp and the catch of the day in a saffron-tomato broth.

3.8 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Seolleongtang From Woomiok

Woomiok Korean restaurant’s bowls of seolleongtang combine freshly salted bone broth with thick noodles, brisket, and scallions — all served with banchan side dishes. 

7.2 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Opah Pastrami Toast at Fort Oak

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On stands now, @pacificsd’s annual Chain of Gourmand features the @fortoaksd Opah Pastrami Toast…a favorite of @brianredzikowski of @kettnerexchange. Have you tried it? * “There’s such a depth of flavor in this dish. The airy house-made sourdough bread is the best in San Diego. The pastrami spice in the Opah brings me home to New York. And the egg sauce (gribiche) used on the plate is something I haven’t seen since I worked in France in 2000.” — Brian Redzikowski * Read more in the current issue. And don’t miss the Fall Harvest Dinner on December 5 when Chef Brian + @chefbwise will collaborate on dishes paired with wines from @frogsleap! #chainofgourmand #opah #fortoaksd

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Fort Oak’s Opah pastrami toast pairs French gribiche sauce with pickled shallots, an herb salad, egg-yolk caviar, and mustard seed.

8.6 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Ramen From HiroNori

Delicious ramen bowls from HiroNori start with creamy vegetable-based, shoyu, or tonkotsu broth. Then choose thick or thin noodles and add exotic toppings such as bamboo, kaiware sprouts, and wood-ear mushrooms.

9.9 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Cereal-Based Sweets at The Morning After

Sweets from The Morning After’s menu include waffles and French toast topped with ingredients such as mascarpone buttercream and your favorite nostalgic 1990s cereals.

10.4 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Memphis BBQ Jackfruit Sandwich From Kindred

Gothic-infused South Park eatery Kindred’s Memphis BBQ jackfruit sandwich boasts green-chili aioli, pickles, Dijon mustard, and a chicken-esque, soy-based meat.

11.9 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Mashed-Potato Waffles From North Park Breakfast Company

Mashed-potato waffles at the Gaslamp Breakfast Company update a breakfast staple with cheese sauce, green onions, eggs, and spiced sausage.

10 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Wood-Fired Pizza From Herb & Sea

At Encinitas’ Herb & Sea, wood-fired pizzas are made with your choice of broccolini and ricotta, figs and duck confit, fall vegetables and goat cheese, or the classic TBM (tomato, mozzarella, basil).

21.4 miles from Pacific Terrace;

Pomme Salad From Jeune et Jolie

The pomme salad from Carlsbad nouvelle-French restaurant Jeune et Jolie incorporates not only apples, but celery, black walnuts, and Auvergnois blue cheese.

31 miles from Pacific Terrace;

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