Ice Cream, You Scream: The Best Ice Cream Flavors in San Diego

San Diego is home to an abundance of ice cream flavors that’ll make your mouth water. With new shops popping up all over the county, we’ve narrowed down the best and most unique ice cream flavors around town. No matter what your usual order is, we guarantee you’ll enjoy these unique picks.

The Baked Bear

Stop by The Baked Bear, a local favorite in Pacific Beach, located just around the corner from the Pacific Terrace Hotel. The custom ice cream sandwiches here include a freshly baked cookie and brownie hugging a cold scoop of “Bear Batter” ice cream. This bright-blue creation filled with cake batter, fudge, and brownie chunks has quickly become a cult favorite for locals and visitors alike.

Location: 0.2 miles from the hotel

Photo Credit: @thebakedbear


Afters Ice Cream

This hip ice cream destination is pushing the limits to create unique and crave-able flavors designed to keep you coming back for more. With options ranging from cookie monster, milk and cereal, and jasmine milk tea, Afters Ice Cream’s flavors are second to none. If you’re interested in something a little different, opt for their signature Milky Bun ™, which transforms a glazed bun stuffed with ice cream into your new favorite dessert.

Location: 0.2 miles from the hotel

Photo Credit: @aftersicecream


Cold Stone Creamery

Enjoy the fresh air and take the quick stroll to our neighborhood Cold Stone Creamery. Choose from a variety of creamy flavors and toppings to mix into your own custom creation. There are always new seasonal flavors to enjoy throughout the year, so you’ll never get bored with the selection here. Our favorite is the cake batter ice cream, which is featured in a one-of-a-kind signature creation: Birthday Cake Remix, which mixes cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, brownie bites, and fudge.

Location: 0.3 miles from the hotel

Photo Credit: @coldstone


Hammond’s Gourmet

Boasting gourmet ice cream that excites, Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream offers 300 flavors of super-premium Hawaiian ice cream and sorbet. Rich and creamy texture delight the taste buds while the colorful options are pleasing to the eye. Order one of their famous ice cream flights to try a variety of different flavors at once. The unique, must-try flavors on our list include brown sugar, ginger cream, honey lavender, and peanut butter guava jelly.

Location: 1 mile from the hotel

Photo Credit: @hammondsicecream


Scoop’s La Jolla

Enjoying quality ice cream by the beach with family – that’s the idea that brought Scoops La Jolla to life back in 2015. Serving hand-crafted ice cream enjoyed by the whole community, Scoops La Jolla uses fresh ingredients to create classic flavors and vegan options that are rich, decadent, and enjoyable for every type of ice cream lover. Choose from an array of artisan flavors that include honeycomb, Earl Grey tea, Sicilian almond pear tart, and many more.

Location: 5 miles from the hotel

Photo Credit: @scoopslajolla