Catch a Wave in San Diego — Explore the Best Surf Spots Along the Coast

Catch a wave and hang ten at the best surf spots along the coast of San Diego. Whether you’re looking to hit the waves in front of the Pacific Terrace Hotel or travel up the coast in search of the perfect break, below is our recommendations for where to get started.

Just Steps From the Hotel — Crystal Pier

If you prefer to stay close by, just head out onto the inviting beach right in front of the Pacific Terrace Hotel. Convenient location aside, you’ll enjoy moderate waves and lovely views of neighboring Crystal Pier. After working up an appetite, grab a breakfast burrito from Kono’s Cafe, a local San Diego favorite.

Location: just steps from the hotel

The Surfer’s Mecca — Tourmaline

Head north from Pacific Beach and end up at Tourmaline, a mecca for San Diego surfers. Located where Tourmaline street meets the ocean, Tourmaline Surfing Park is on the border of Pacific Beach and La Jolla. Swimming isn’t allowed in most areas of Tourmaline due to the large number of people surfing throughout the day. However, even if you’re not a surfer, you can soak up some sun and watch the riders do their thing. Tourmaline offers beachside parking, restrooms, showers, picnic tables, and barbeques.

Location: less than a mile from the hotel

Best for Beginners — South Mission Beach  

Head to the South Mission Beach jetty for fantastic waves and a friendly vibe. This spot is ideal for beginners due to the width of the beach and the low chance of being overcrowded.

Location: 3 miles from the hotel

San Diego’s Best Wave — Black’s Beach

A legendary destination that’s good year-round, Black’s Beach, offers the best consistent wave in San Diego. It’s one of the area’s biggest breaks, with long, beautiful sets that roll across the horizon fast and forcefully. It’s a bit of a hike down to the sand and some extra paddling to reach the lineup, but it’s well worth it. Located in La Jolla, Black’s is also a popular nude beach, although the sunbathers tend to hang out farther north than the surfers.

Location: 10 miles from the hotel

Plan your stay at the Pacific Terrace Hotel and be sure to visit all the best surf spots along the San Diego coast.