Mission Bay Path Ride

Plan the Ultimate Mission Bay Path Ride

(Photo credit: Bike Garage San Diego)


A Ride to Remember


Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, San Diego’s terrain lends itself to extraordinary two-wheel escapes. Situated near one of the most popular San Diego bike routes, Pacific Terrace opens directly onto Ocean Boulevard, with bike lanes leading south to the looping trails of Mission Bay. Go for a quick ride or an all-day outing, and find yourself in cycling paradise.


What You’ll See


With the sea breeze to keep you cool, this easy San Diego bike route is a fantastic way to get a workout during your stay. The main trail branches off all across the Bay, creating dozens of possible detours, all with their own phenomenal views. Speed past the sounds of guests getting their thrills at Belmont Park, venture out to the loops of Vacation Island Park, or admire the spectacular sunset from Mission Point. The bike path wends its way past dozens of green spaces, marinas, and wildlife reserves, so that you’ll always have something beautiful in sight.


Rules and Regulations


Before you take off, some key facts to keep in mind: Although the Mission Bay Bike Path is vehicle-free, the area has an 8 MPH speed limit for cyclists and pedestrians to observe.  All cyclists under the age of 18 are required to wear helmets, and while it is not required that adults wear them, it is strongly suggested. Stay safe, and enjoy your ride!


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