Pamper Yourself: San Diego Spas

2020 is nearly behind us. And it’s safe to say that it’s been one of the most stressful years in recent memory for many. As 2021 approaches, a lot of us are thinking of ways to tame tension and recharge our batteries. 

Thankfully, San Diego always welcomes pleasure-seekers looking for a little surf, sand, and sun to calm their spirits. So we recommend heading to “America’s Finest City” for a little R&R! Once you do, here are some places to unwind during your visit.

Please note, that with the latest county updates, as of December 7th, 2020 some of these services may be unavailable. Please check each individual website for the most up-to-date information.

Relax With Us

When you stay with us at Pacific Terrace, relaxation is never far away. Your luxuriously appointed room includes a private balcony that overlooks the gently lapping waves of the sapphire-blue Pacific, which is only ever steps away. You’re always welcome to take a dip in our ocean-view pool, as well. Be sure to grab a snack and beverage at the poolside bar or a complimentary afternoon cookie. We’ve also recently re-opened our on-site massage service. Of course, simply being in “America’s Finest City” is self-care, too. San Diego’s warm sunshine, endless beaches, and relaxed atmosphere really have a way of soothing the soul. 

610 Diamond St., San Diego, California 92109

Natura Sugaring Melt & Wax Spa (1.2 miles away)

Natura Spa gets its name from its product line — every product used here is completely natural. Whereas many waxing spas may use off-the-shelf products, the tools of the trade at Natura are honey, lemon, sugar, and other organic materials. So you can be sure your skin will be left feeling smooth and refreshed at the end of your session. In addition to hair removal, this Brazilian-owned spa offers skin care, tanning, and anti-aging treatments.  

1300 Grand Ave #C, San Diego, CA 92109

Kiwi Spa & Facial Innovation (1.7 miles away)

When you’re finished at Natura, head over to Kiwi for another completely natural and organic experience. The aestheticians here make use of special botanical treatments and natural methods to brighten, smooth, and revitalize your skin. Popular therapies include dermabrasion, lifting treatments, facial peels, and oxygen infusion. The soothing and nutrient-rich skincare blends will let you put your best face forward for your entire trip.   

1919 Grand Ave #1L, San Diego, CA 92109

A New Body Massage (1.9 miles away)

With a focus on therapeutics, A New Body Massage bridges the gap between relaxation and sports medicine. Their therapists specialize in areas like reflexology, joint pain, carpal tunnel, and back discomfort, so you can reduce pain and improve motion. The facility also offers an infrared sauna, ionic foot bath, migraine pain relief, and cupping services, so they’ll be able to stop the strain on a variety of levels to help you be at your best.

2180 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

TrueREST Float Spa (9.5 miles away)

If you haven’t heard about float therapy, it’s long past time you added it to your self-care routine. Athletes, chronic pain sufferers, and those battling anxiety swear by floating as a means of calming discomfort both mental and physical. Sometimes called “sensory deprivation,” floating involves climbing into a silent, darkened tank of skin-temperature water into which a half-ton of Epsom salts has been dissolved. Once inside, the body’s natural buoyancy allows it to float effortlessly and negate the effects of gravity. The effect has shown promise in treating everything from joint pain to mental unrest and even headaches.

3969 Fourth Ave Suite #201, San Diego, CA 92103