Thrills On The Water! Surfing, Kite Surfing, Jetpacks

San Diego has no shortage of thrilling destinations and attractions. When it’s time to get your adrenaline pumping — on or above the water — check out the below activities, perfect for any thrill seeker. 


Channel your inner Superman as you shoot into the air, flip your way across the sky, and finally plunge into the water. Jet-pack instructors provide you with a brief instructional demo to get you up to speed before strapping you in for the ride of a lifetime — just a short, 15-minute drive from Pacific Terrace.



Black’s Beach is arguably San Diego’s premier spot for catching the best waves year round. This location is known for its long, even waves and hollow peaks that surfers of all levels dream about — so head to the shore (a 20-minute drive from Pacific Terrace), hike down the cliff, and join other devotees paddling into the lineup.


Kite Surfing          

Kiteboarding, also known as kitesurfing, combines aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and skateboarding for a truly unique experience. At Manta Water Sports, located just four miles from Pacific Terrace, kitesurfers from novice to experts can take lessons or head out on solo excursions around Mission Bay.


Hanging with Dolphins

Skim across the water on a high-speed excursion alongside dolphins in a Navy SEAL “rigid-hull inflatable boat” (RIB). Cruise the open ocean at speeds of up to 50 miles an hour — you’re guaranteed to catch up with pods of curious and playful dolphins who may swim right up beside the boat.

Patriot Jet Boat Thrill Ride

Get ready for speed, screams, and splashes! Come aboard the Patriot Jet Boat for an entertaining, turbo-charged tour of San Diego’s most scenic waterfront spots. You’ll zip and zoom past military ships, along the downtown skyline, and under the iconic Coronado Bridge. With rock music pumping, feel the wind and the refreshing spray of San Diego Bay as the Patriot carves 360-degree turns and reaches speeds upwards of 50 mph. There’s nothing like it!

Head down to the harbor to catch this cruise, 20 minutes from the Pacific Terrace.