Celebrate Life’s Little Big Moments at Pacific Terrace

Special occasions are just that — special. When holidays, personal milestones, and big days roll around, celebrating is a given. Even so, if there’s one thing the last year has taught us, it’s that even life itself is worth celebrating. So if you have a reason to commemorate an event that’s important to you — even if it’s no reason at all — then Pacific Terrace Hotel San Diego is the perfect place to honor the moment.  


The calendar is full of special days we all look forward to, and Pacific Terrace is the ideal holiday getaway regardless of the date. The legendarily fantastic year-round weather we enjoy in San Diego means that winter is centuries overdue, making us the place to be for New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day. Fireworks over the Pacific mean Independence Day always ends in a festive evening. And if you’re dreaming of a white-SAND Christmas, then there’s no better place to spend the holidays than here!    


(Photo: Jesse P.)

Every year offers us countless holidays. Still, there’s always one day that’s all yours to celebrate — your birthday. This year, when it’s time to mark another 365 days’ worth of joy, strength, and perseverance, Pacific Terrace can help you do it in style. Our exceptionally comfortable accommodations, heated pool, on-site food and beverage options, direct beach access, and massage services are sure to make your day one to remember.  


(Photo: Adam D.)

It doesn’t matter if you’re marking one year or fifty years together — Pacific Terrace’s panoramic ocean views, easy beach access, and plush suites are always ready to welcome you. You and your partner can relax with a long walk on the beach, before sipping a Caribbean Room beverage poolside, or even taking a dip in the cozy hot tub. Relax and rekindle romance on your private balcony as you enjoy in-room dining against the backdrop of a spectacular Pacific sunset.


(Photo: Rosie M.)

You’ve said your “I do”s. The wedding bells have rung. Now, it’s time to begin your journey together. What better place to do so than at a romantic oceanfront hideaway? Escape on an intimate retreat and seclude yourselves. Spend your days hand-in-hand on the beach. Bask in the moonlight and sea breeze by the pool at night. Relax in your well-appointed guestroom and order from our in-room dining menu. Let us be the host for a beautiful beginning. 


(Photo: Jess N.)

You’ve worked hard. Now, it’s time to kick back and celebrate! Enjoy your freedom with us, and you’ll be able to indulge in all the comforts you deserve. Now that you’re not putting in all those hours, your downtime is yours to spend however you see fit. And given Pacific Terrace’s beachside location, friendly service, and considerable amenities (like in-suite massages and private balconies with ocean views), that time can be more enjoyable than ever. 

Any Reason at All

Photo: Kristin I.)

Let’s be honest — do you really NEED a reason to celebrate? Any excuse to check in to Pacific Terrace (and check out of the daily grind) is a good one. Notched a job, family, or relationship victory? Welcome to your break. Finally got that piece of good news you’ve been waiting for? We’ll help you commemorate it. It is Tuesday? Our pool is ready. For any reason, any season, or even none at all, Pacific Terrace is the perfect place to make it special.