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Surf Shops

Mission Surf Shop - 4320 Mission Blvd.

Voted "San Diego's Best Surf Shop" and known as San Diego's first surf shop, Mission Surf provides a wide variety of products as well as equipment rentals to ensure you're ready to shred the gnar!

Bird's Surf Shed - 1091 W. Morena Blvd.

Bird's the word at this surf shop dedicated to keeping the products fresh and diverse as well as providing quality gear to get you primed and ready for that first paddle out to sea.

South Coast Surf Company - 740 Felspar St.

Emerging as one of SoCal's premier surf shops in 1974 - South Coast Surf Shop has always been ahead of it's time not only by emphasizing custom surfboards, a huge wetsuit collection, and the latest in surf accessories - but also it's willingness to experiment with selling surf inspired clothing and accessories. Check them out for the finest selection of all your favorite brands!

Sun Diego - 3126 Mission Blvd.

Catering to not only your ocean-wear needs, but also sand and pavement - Sun Diego has been catering to the community's coastal dwellers for over 35 years. Gear up and grab your board!

PB Surf Shop - 4208 Oliver Ct.

Surfing got it's start at this local surf shop back in 1962 - since then Pacific Beach Surf Shop has been a staple in the community. Offering services from surfboard rentals to surf lessons - PB Surf Shop caters to everyone!

Gordon & Smith - 5151 Santa Fe St.

One of the oldest surf & skate shops in San Diego, Gordon & Smith pride themselves on quality and craftsmanship. They not only glass their own boards, but also glass other top shaper brands in San Diego - from favorites to customizations - Gordon & Smith can handle any project.

Rip Curl - 4287 Mission Blvd.

True and authentic to their surfing roots, Rip Curl continues to lead the way in innovation and quality as one of the top surf shops in the country. 

South Coast Wahines PB - 4500 Ocean Blvd.

South Coast has always stayed ahead of it's time in terms of customization, an ever-growing selection, and the latest in surf accessories since it's beginning in 1974.

Mitch's Surf Shop - 631 Pearl St.

From humble beginnings in an old house on Pearl Street back in 1967 to two large locations in Western and Northern San Diego, Mitch's has come a long way and continues to grow as one of the oldest and most customer service-driven surf shops in the city. As Mitch says "This is supposed to be a fun, carefree industry, not a stressful one.".

Luv Surf Boutique - 3816 Mission Blvd.

Luv Surf Boutique is for those who may not necessarily ride the waves - but those who are all about the surf culture and what it means to be a west-coaster.